How’s Your Online Reputation?

Get More Reviews, Get More Customers!

Unlock the Power of Reviews

Positive online reviews are essential for your business. They improve your reputation, engender trust, and bring you more customers!

Effortlessly Request Reviews From Customers

A Done-For-You review service means that your business will always be on top of requesting reviews on multiple platforms, especially on Google and the industry-specific review sites your customers trust.

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Data Shows That Reviews Matter


of people read online reviews for local businesses


of consumers used the internet to find information about local businesses


of consumers used Google to evaluate local businesses
Why should you care about online reviews?

Reviews are a superpower for your business

Why should you care about online reviews?

Good reviews generate more business for you.

No matter your industry, reviews are the modern word-of-mouth for attracting new clientele. In 2021, 77% of potential customers “always” or “regularly” read reviews when searching for businesses online. (BrightLocal)

Effortlessley get more great reviews

Outsource Asking for Reviews

Are you asking for reviews from your happy customers?

You deliver excellent services and have satisfied customers, but they may not leave you an online review. That’s where we come in.

We overcome the most common objections:

  • I don’t know how!
  • I don’t have time!
  • I didn’t remember!

Our time-tested methods include personalized email requests and gentle reminders, all in your brand’s voice, and easy clicks to the right place to type the review for your business.

Our difference!

We offer more than most review management solutions

Let’s give unhappy customers a different way to reach you (that isn’t a poor review)

Our reputation management system works! And one of it’s key features is offering unhappy customers a way to get you feedback that isn’t a poor review for the whole internet to see.

Immediately share great reviews as social proof that your business provides excellence

You’ve earned your great reviews! Now share them as they are submitted on both your website and your Facebook page.

Reviews should be good and frequent

Good reviews — well, they’re good for business! Neighbor can tell neighbor that they got good service from your business. And having good reviews that are submitted over time (and not all at once) makes your business look great. Our review management service asks clients for reviews over time (never all at once) so that you are getting good reviews consistently over time.

Customers leave reviews when asked


of consumers left reviews for local businesses following a positive experience in 2022


of consumers left an online review in 2022, and 23% more “might in the future”


of consumers left reviews in response to requests from a business


of consumers said they would be likely to leave a review if requested to do so by email
Advantages of choosing ronn tech review management

Our Review Management Service is Your Competitive Edge

Not all review management is created equal! We offer these features often not found in other review management solutions.


Make asking for reviews automatic

Enhance your online reputation, increase customer trust, and bring in new customers with our review management service.